Token Introduction

LG is a utility-centric and community driven token with the No.1 GameFi in arbitrum eco-system. It will be used by all Legends ecosystem applications. LG belongs to everyone in the Legends community.

Total Supply

420,000,000,000 tokens.

Token Distribution

  1. Operating expenses: 10%

  2. Liquidity: 25%

  3. GameFi operating: 20%

  4. Exchanges: 15%

  5. Investor Retention: 10%

  6. Airdrop: 10%

  7. Early contributors: 5%

  8. Team:5%

Token Details

Network: ARB (Arbitrum One)

Token Name: Legends

Ticker: LG

Decimals: 18

Smart Contract Address: (0% transaction fee) 0x9c8eF67C9168587134e1F29a71405DC753500A45

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